Gone are the days when transferring money to another person is a hard thing to do. Nowadays, with the convenience of the internet, anyone can transfer money to any part of the world by using your smart phone, laptop, or tablet device. You just have to know how it works and what to do and you can easily send money wherever you want.

There’s a lot of companies that offer both local & worldwide online money transfers. Banks are most likely the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about transferring cash.


However, today there are a lot of companies that make things easier for you. My favorite that I have used so far is Sharemoney. By using Sharemoney’s platform, you can transfer money either for business or to your family & friends anywhere in the world, specifically in this case, to the Philippines.

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Sharemoney’s platform lets you receive remittances directly from the United States to the Philippines. Yes, this is one of the best and easiest ways to send money online to different bank accounts and home addresses around the world.

They offer a fast and easy hassle-free money transfer process. The most interesting & helpful features of Sharemoney are the lower transfer fees & competitive exchange rates.

If you are looking to send money to the Philippines without any cost to the recipient, then Sharemoney can help complete your transaction. By sending money through Sharemoney, you can benefit from a number of things such as:

  • Low transfer fees starting at $2.99
  • Secure door-to-door delivery in selected countries
  • Large network of partner banks
  • Competitive Exchange Rates
  • Prompt and Fast services

If you have sent money via Sharemoney and you want an easy way to track your payment, then you can just visit their website and enter your Money Transfer Number (MTN) to track your funds.

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You can get the exact details of all your transactions. Obviously, when you send money online, you should know that the currency you are sending is not the same payout currency to other places. There will always be some differences. So usually, we all want to get the best exchange rate possible, right?

When using online money transferring platforms, you can instantly transfer money to any other part of the world. But keep in mind, their rates are typically higher when compared to the bank foreign exchange rates.


Beware if you are using Craigslist to send money to someone. Check out this site about selling on craigslist to be sure you don’t get scammed.

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