What is involved in an Artas Hair Restoration Procedure?

The Artas Hair Restoration is a system of surgical hair transplantation which is robotic. It is generally used for treating androgenetic alopecia or the patterned baldness in men, referred to as male pattern baldness. It was developed by the American Company Restoration Robotics, Inc.

It is generally used for harvesting the follicular units from brown-haired men in Oklahoma. This system is very uniquely designed which helps in facilitating restoration of hair by making use of the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction technique.

artas hair procedure

Artas Hair Restoration Procedure

Given below are the step by step procedure of an Artas Hair Restoration.

  • The FUE technique or the Follicular Unit Extraction technique is used by the Artas system.
  • The donor area of the scalp is the area of permanent hair. The hair in this portion is trimmed so as to identify the follicles easily and the extraction also becomes very easy.
  • Local anesthesia is made use of so as to numb the senses in the scalp. The patient is made to sit in a position that is semi-prone, and with the help of a skin tensioner, the precision of the depths are improved.
  • Video images are captured by a number of cameras, and dermal punches are maneuvered by the robotic arms so that the follicular unit is dissected.
  • The physicians after adjusting the dissections, manually transplant the follicular units into the recipient area of the patient.

Benefits of Getting Hair Restoration

A number of people start losing their confidence due to the excessive hair loss that they go through each day. The ARTAS Hair Transplant helps in giving a look that a person desires.  Hair loss is a very common problem faced by men, but hair transplantation has managed to change the lives of people. Costs vary, but you can see the prices for ARTAS here.

Listed below are few of the benefits:

  • Men can now wave goodbye to the issues related to the loss of hair. They do not need to sweat anymore regarding bald spots or receding hairline.
  • Hair Transplant gives a man a head that is full of hair, and this helps him in regaining the lost confidence.
  • The hair is very manageable, and there is hardly any need to use chemicals to take care of it.
  • Men get a natural look, and since the hair looks natural, one can hardly feel that there was a hair transplant.
  • Hair Transplant Surgeries are permanent solutions that help in getting back the hair that is lost.

Going for the Artas Hair Restoration Procedure is a very wise option, as it helps a man to deal with patterned baldness, and also get rid of all the issues related to hair.

What is Involved in an ARTAS Hair Restoration Procedure in Oklahoma?

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