Branding. That’s the way to build a New York business today, according to those in the know. And to enhance your brand, you must use all the tools that are available to you: Social media, product promotions, customer incentives, questionnaires, newsletters, superb service and special events.

You’ve heard it all before, right?

But if you don’t know quite how to put it all together so that it adds dollars to your bottom line, especially when it comes to those tricky special events, why not let Designer 8 come to the rescue. We have a lot of experience and some great ideas to share!


Signs and Banner Attract Attention

If you’re thinking of a special event, whether it’s a gala opening or a hot dog roast in the parking lot, one of our best suggestions is to call attention to your plans — both before and during the occasion — by using your logo to advantage, and letting colorful, attractive signs and banners speak for you.

You can tell one message in many different ways; or use different signs to tell different stories. We’ll leave that part up to you, but we’ll help you with the nitty-gritty details of getting those visual messages ready to go.

Designer 8 Lives for New York Special Events

With more than a decade of successful corporate meetings, society galas, business openings and private parties to our credit, we have developed an expertise that is unsurpassed in the field of rental event furniture.

But we supply not only the tables and seating that make guests comfortable, we also craft the designs, suggest the room layouts, and fabricate the special effects that get the buzz going.

In short, we create the excitement that will excite your customers, your sales reps or your new employees. Whatever the occasion, we can help you elevate your brand to the pedestal that you think it should be on.

pink event rental

While we’re at it, we can supply lighted pedestals to showcase your products, or drape your display tables with logo-enhanced banners.

Assure a Lasting Takeaway

You know that you only get one chance to create a great first impression. But if you only think about that first impression, you might squander the opportunity to “amplify awareness” and keep people talking about your event and your brand long after the event. Why not do both? At our events, we specialize in making memories.

Just as there are some melodies that you can’t help humming long after the song ends, Samantha Sackler has some tips you can use to keep your brand alive in peoples’ minds long after the event is over.

She’s an event-planning professional with more than 20 years of experience, so listen up and learn. You have everything to gain!

Read on for more of her ideas on using Designer 8’s New York services — including signs, banners, and corporate logos — to create a upscale and personalized setting for your event and a unique experience for everyone in attendance.

It’s sure to make an impression — and we know you’ll remember Designer 8 when you’re ready to start planning. We’ll certainly enjoy working with you to help you highlight your brand. It’s our favorite part of the business!

Highlighting Your Brand Through Your New York Events

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