If you’re searching for prime real estate in Kuwait as an expat, renting is the most popular option over buying. A majority of employment contracts provide a set rental allowance, with monthly rentals that can vary greatly depending on the type of property.

You can find both furnished and unfurnished residential property throughout Kuwait, and you will wind up paying more for properties in more popular areas, particularly those with ocean views and miscellaneous additional facilities such as gyms and pools.

Where to Look as an Expat

Most expats tend to live in locations near the Gulf, including Shaab, Salwa, Salmiya, Mahboula, Fintas, and Bneid Al Gar.

Many citizens also tend to live near their workplace or a school that their children attend, but traffic tends to be particularly bad in these areas. However, you’re likely to find plenty of options in public transportation in these areas as well.

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When using an agent to find a piece of Kuwait real estate, you’ll typically need to pay half of a month’s rent to the real estate agent, along with one month’s worth of rent to the owner in the form of a deposit.

You can also ask about vacant properties, as buying or renting these can help you avoid the agent’s fee.

Finding an Agent

Kuwait has multiple reputable real estate agents. While you may encounter advertisements for many of them, you may be better off simply asking friends or family for recommendations.

You can also consider one of the following companies.

Q8 Realtor

This agency deals with furnished and unfurnished apartments, houses, and villas of all types.

Frost Real Estate

Frost Real Estate only works with furnished and unfurnished apartments, without charging a commission.

AAA Housing

This company is a good choice upon first arriving in Kuwait. They offer furnished apartments only, but this limitation is made up for by the level of quality across all of their units, with appliances, security, and cleaning services included in many cases. This company also doesn’t charge a commission.

Crown Re-Locations

This global re-locator also offers home orientation, search, and settling.

Check with Your Haris

A majority of apartment blocks in Kuwait have a “haris,” essentially a caretaker, who calls out for plumbers, electricians, and other services.

If there is ever a problem in the building, you can ask what the rent covers, as the rent payment will cover internet, electricity, and water in most cases.

Areas with Noise

Also, consider the noise levels of certain areas, as locations near a mosque, busy street, or in a highly populated area are all likely to be particularly loud. Parking may also be an issue in these areas. However, residential parking is typically covered in Kuwait.

Taking all of these into consideration, you will be able to find the right apartment, home, or villa, whether you intend to make a living in Kuwait or simply want to flip the property for a profit.

Who to Contact When Looking for Real Estate in Kuwait

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