If you want to acquire citizenship in Bulgaria, you need to meet the requirements of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, international treaties, and the Bulgarian Citizenship Act (BCA), which are all responsible for the ability to become a citizen of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian citizenship is mainly dependent on jus sanguinis (right of blood), but citizenship by naturalization is possible. Because of its membership in the EU, one of the main benefits of living in Bulgaria is the ability to travel and establish residence freely in any of the member states in the EU.

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Why Immigrate to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is known for its hard-working citizens and ethnically diverse population of 7.4 million people. Specific benefits of Bulgarian citizenship include:

  • Freedom to travel to 28 EU nations, with additional visa-on-arrival or even visa-free travel to over 160 countries and territories
  • The EU’s consular protection
  • Permission to run a business, live, work, and study within any EU member states
  • Low tax agreements with over 60 other countries
  • Access to many other healthcare facilities throughout the EU
  • Inexpensive or even education within the EU

These benefits make Bulgarian citizenship extremely valuable for those who want to integrate successfully in the EU. Becoming a Bulgarian citizen can provide you with many opportunities to enjoy a fulfilling life for you and your family.

To become a citizen of Bulgaria, here are some of the basic requirements.

Citizenship by Birth

People who are born in Bulgaria automatically acquire citizenship to Bulgaria unless a parent or other relative has acquired citizenship to another country. Even those born in the country to parents who are stateless or unknown become automatic citizens of Bulgaria.

Citizenship by Descent

If a child is born to at least one parent with Bulgarian citizenship, this citizenship is passed down to the child.

Citizenship by Naturalization

To become a Bulgarian citizen by naturalization, there are a few requirements that the person must meet beforehand, including:

  • At least 5 years of permanent residence permission in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • No prior sentencing by a Bulgarian court for any premeditated crime or any criminal proceedings, unless the offender is confirmed to have been rehabilitated
  • Sufficient income and occupation to self-sustain in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Fluency in the Bulgarian language
  • Must give up previous citizenship when acquiring Bulgarian citizenship

These requirements may be void if the Republic of Bulgaria takes a special interest in the person’s naturalization or if the prospective citizen has made special contributions to Bulgarian social, economics, field of science, technology, culture, or sports spheres.

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Citizenship by Marriage

If a person is married to a Bulgarian citizen, he or she may apply for naturalization following three years of residence in Bulgaria. This is a reduction of the typical 5-year residence requirement.

Citizenship by Adoption

Those under the age of 14 who are adopted by Bulgarian citizens may acquire Bulgarian citizenship.

If you meet these requirements, you can easily get dual citizenship or single citizenship to Bulgaria.

How to Acquire Foreign Citizenship in Bulgaria